The Slate Guarantee

When you visit Slate, you can expect to walk away with a flawless tan that looks and feels natural. Because the formula is brown sugar based instead of carrot based, customers never walk away looking orange. At Slate, our number one goal is to make you feel comfortable in an uncomfortable setting.  

Slate understands the power of people empowering people, and the team is committed to connecting people together in a fast-paced world where we’re becoming more disconnected every day.

We are NEW to the OKC area but NOT new to Airbrush Tanning!

Check out our 5 Star Reviews & Why over 615 People Recommend us in Tulsa!

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Slate guarantees the best possible spray tan results for ANY skin tone, including our fair-skinned and freckled friends who claim, “they’re naturally ghostly white and cannot tan under the sun” – with no sweat streaks, no stinkiness, and absolutely NO judgment (← that’s *so* not our style).

At Slate, there’s no room for ANYONE to criticize themselves. No way!

Our founder, Mariana, ( having an Irish Blood Line…i.e. had fair skin ) unable to get a natural tan from the sun, was so fearful of getting a spray tan and ending up looking orange. She tried and tested different formulas in many places. Looking for a formula with natural ingredients and that complemented her skin tone without making her look orange.

But that wasn’t the only obstacle, she had serious insecurities about her body. After her pregnancy, her body was left with cellulite and stretch marks everywhere. It was uncomfortable getting naked in front of ANYONE!

Until one day, she realized how many other women felt the same way. It was then that she decided to create An experience for women that not only provided a natural looking tan for any skin tone ( especially for fair skin tones ) but an environment where women would be comfortable enough to embrace their own insecurities. Read her Full Story here.

We’re not just spraying you with our organic brown-sugar-based solution, we’re spraying you with a whole lotta love.

That’s why we don’t just train our technicians to spray tan, we train them to LOVE, too.

At Slate, we believe being perfectly imperfect never goes out of style. We aren’t striving to achieve the perfect body or life, we’re striving to feel perfect in our skin day-to-day, just as we are today.

We see the beauty in ALL of our clients, and we help them see it in themselves, too.



Silver Tan - $45

Shower in 8-10 Hrs

  • Our Original Formula

  • Organic Brown Sugar Based Solution

  • Natural Looking Results

  • Paraben Free

Gold Tan - $55

Shower in 3-5 Hrs

  • Rapid Blend

  • Organic Brown Sugar Based Solution

  • Natural Looking Results

  • Paraben Free

Diamond Tan - $65

Rapid or Original Blend

  • Body Contouring

  • Prep spray

  • Natural Looking Results

  • Paraben Free